About North East Explorers

About North East Explorers

North East Explorers is an eco-travel company based in North East India. The idea behind North East Explorers is to show the beauty of North East India, something we the people of North East are very proud of, to the outside world while making sure we do not disturb the fragile ecological balance of the region. North East Explorers works actively with the local communities to help them grow in a sustainable way while keeping their cultures and traditions intact.

Our local roots make us the ideal choice for those looking for authentic and immersive travel experiences over the more frequented ones. From living with tribal families of Ziro Valley to spending time with the last generation Naga headhunters to trekking to the most beautiful natural pools, waterfalls, and root – bridges hidden deep inside the lush green forests of the region and much more, there is so much more to the North East waiting to be explored and experienced. We help you do just that.

Designing tailor-made trips to the North East based on the interests of our guests makes us happier than following a done-and-dusted plan.

“We at North East Explorers want to do our bit in bridging the gap between the rest of the world and this beautiful region, rich with amazing culture and tradition that is North East.”


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