Homestays and Experiences with North East Explorers - What To Expect?

What To Expect?

North East Explorers being an eco-travel company, strongly believes in promoting sustainable tourism. We believe in empowering the locals by helping them become financially independent. We also believe that travel is not about just seeing new places, clicking photos, and enjoying the lovely surroundings. In fact, it is anything but that. Traveling according to us is learning about new cultures and ways of life, getting to know how much we take things for granted and it is about interacting with the locals wherever you are visiting & make memories.

Travel for us is all about the experiences we have and the people we meet!

Our Homestays in North East India vs Hotels

The one thing that is and has always been the most important to us is to give our guests a flavor of the real North-East, hence homestays over hotels. There is absolutely no better way to know more about a place you are visiting than staying with the locals. A hospitable host is all you need to make your trip a memorable one. From sharing their kitchen secrets to their style and age-old stories passed-on from their forefathers, spending time with your host itself makes a significant part of your trip. And we are delighted to share that this is something most of our guests absolutely love.

Cleanliness and amenities at our homestays in the North East

North East India has always been known for its simplicity and cleanliness. And our homestays are no different. You get your own personal space, clean sheets, and clean toilets, at a local home. However, the `amenities/facilities` cannot be and should not be compared with what commercial organizations like hotels or resorts offer. That said, the homestays we host our guests at are some of the loveliest and well-located properties in the region.

To give you some idea, our homestay in Mawlynnong – Asia’s cleanest village overlooks the Bangladesh plains right below the hill on which it is located. Similarly, our homestay in Dirang is surrounded by a kiwi orchard and pomegranate trees. A tribal village and a mountain river are also a stone’s throw away.

Be respectful & get the same in return

All our homestay owners are very welcoming, accommodating, and helpful. They never shy away from walking the extra step to make you comfortable. However, please remember that they are not professionally trained like hotel staff. Be respectful to them and you will receive the same. If you need anything, just let them know and they will do their best to get it for you. Please do not order‘.

As we say, “Getting the chance to stay with a local’s family is a privilege, relish it. What you pay for your time there is just to cover your costs“!

Happy Travels 🙂 !


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